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Summerfield Management manages for both residential and commercial properties. In the case of residential, we manage apartments for rent and privately owned condominium projects. In the case of commercial, we manage retail, office, and industrial. If you are interested in looking at one of our current residential vacancies, please direct your attention to Properties, click on the residential tab, and search as appropriate. If you are interested in looking at our commercial for lease listings, go to Properties and click on the Commercial tab or go to www.summerfieldcommercial.com.

Tenant Services

If you are an existing tenant looking to source our variety of online services, such as online payments, online applications, and maintenance requests, please go to Tenant Services and click on the appropriate tab.


To learn more about Summerfield and our various business operations, please go to www.summerfieldservices.com. If you are specifically interested in learning more about Summerfield Management’s property management program, please see the About section above.


We have instilled a base set of foundational values which we encourage all of our employees to embrace and advance. To better understand our value system, please review our Code of Conduct at www.summerfieldservices.com.


After reviewing our Code of Conduct if you have an interest in joining our company and feel you have the skills to enhance our performance, please send your resume to info@smfield.com. We are always looking for the right people who can help us do a better job. If you care to look at any specific openings, please direct yourself to the Careers section of this website or that of one of our other affiliate websites.


If you would like to contact us, please feel free to send an email to info@smfield.com or for our physical address and phone number, please see the Contact Us section.

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